Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy my dress right at the store?

You can use our stock dresses to explore which dress you’d like to buy. We order your dress in the right size and color. After that, you’ll likely need to alter your dress. We recommend Rachele or Sandra. Contact To Have and To Hold for more details.

We do have some off-the-rack discontinued wedding dresses that we can sell directly from the store, sold as is.


How long does it take to get my dress?

Depending on the time of year, the delivery times on dresses vary. Typically, it takes about 4 months from a dress order to having the dress in hand. After the dress arrives, alterations typically take 1-2 months.


Can I rush my wedding dress?

Depending on the style, the dress might be eligible for rush ordering. The fee varies depending on the designer and the dress style. The fee is typically around $100 – $150.


How long does my bridesmaid dress come in?

These dresses typically take 12-16 weeks to come in after the order.


Can I rush my bridesmaid dresses?

Virtually all dresses can be rushed, the fee is typically around $45.


What color bridesmaids dresses do you have?

Our dresses come in a variety of colors. You can check out all of the colors that the dresses come in on the designer’s websites.


What if my bridesmaid is pregnant?

We can order the same dress two sizes bigger than the size that is measured at the time. There are styles that are more flattering on a pregnant body, sometimes in a different style with the same designer. We also offer maternity dresses.


Can I bring my dress back for a refund?

No, once a dress has been purchased from the designer, it can not be returned. For that reason we take extra special care to make sure you are very happy and comfortable with the dress that you purchase.


How much do your wedding dresses cost?

Our designer dresses range from $900 – $2,300.


How much do your bridesmaids dresses cost?

Our designer dresses range from $200 – $350.


Can I make an appointment?

Yes. We accept visits by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, visit us on line at or call 231-922-9333.


How long do appointments take?

Usually you’ll have one or two appointments with us. They typically last an hour and a half.


Do you do alterations?

No, we currently do not have an in-house seamstress. We recommend two local seamstresses, Sandra 231-929-7390 and Rachele 231-409-7498.


Do you do offer steaming and pressing?

Yes.  $100 per wedding dress and $25 per veil for dresses purchased from us.  For dresses purchased elsewhere, $150.  We do not steam & press tiered gowns.


Do you do wedding gown preservation?

Yes, for the preservation kit the cost is $200.  You get your dress and accessories cleaned and preserved with a lifetime guarantee.  There are additional charges for insurance on your gown